Thursday, August 07, 2008

Deja Vu (All Over Again)

Today was an exciting day! We had our first organizational meeting at the Hunter Army Airfield PWOC. This group has had a retired POC (Point of Contact- another oft-used acronym in the military) for many years but never a real board. It has been a small and struggling group but is to the point that there are several ladies who are excited about being involved. Most of them, however, have never attended a PWOC anywhere and really don't know where to start.

That's where I come in. I'm, um... the new president...

Not that I have a whole lot of experience- just one other chapter- but I do understand this Installation (Ft. Stewart and Hunter are like separate campuses of the same post), the way the budget here works, etc. So, they asked me to be the president.

We had 12 ladies there this morning- a great turnout! They all took at least one role. Actually, most of them are doubling up- like, each person took a couple roles, and each role has a couple people in it. It's really a great way to help them learn where their gifts & strengths lie, as well as to help each other out. Many of them have really never done anything like this at all and are quite apprehensive- but willing to work and learn- what more could you ask?

We'll be doing a short Bible study these next few weeks, then our official Fall Kick-Off will be September 18. There is A LOT of organizational work to be done... and I am so excited to get started!


Rhonda said...

How awesome that you are using your spiritual gifts and encouraging/mentoring others at the same time! It sounds like a neat and needed ministry for the women.

Beth said...

How fun! :) I want to come!

I'm proud of you, Sara. And, I miss you. And, I'm glad to hear (and see) that life with Jon is going well. :)

mel said...

Great job!! I know that group is just going to grow and grow. God bless!

MaryLu said...

Well! Congratulations!
Way to go for stepping in and filling in where you are needed.
Those ladies will be blessed.