Monday, August 27, 2007

Autumn is upon us, and an update on the baby

Today's high is only 88!

Of course, the heat index is estimated at 101 and we are currently at 100% humidity, but hey, seeing a number under 90 is always a good day! Bring on the apples!

Speaking of a good day, today is the big day! Well, maybe not THE big day... but we will *hopefully* (if the wee one cooperates) find out what the baby is!! I have had this appointment planned for WEEKS and have barely been able to contain my excitement... (just ask Jon... I have been reminding him several times a day) I'm trying not to get my hopes up, just in case the wee one does NOT cooperate (which would be my luck...) but it's not working very well.

I told Jon the other day that, according to the week-by-week guides, the baby is about 10 1/2 inches long. He didn't believe me. I told him s/he's all curled up. Still, no. Speaking of, if you see me soon, tell me you can tell I'm pregnant. It will make my day. (Though, a word of advice: saying "I don't really think your stomach is bigger, but your face looks chubby" is NEVER a good thing to say to a pregnant woman.) Seriously, folks, my clothes have not fit in 2 months. I'm pregnant. My belly is bigger. I swear.


Nozal Family said...

I've had a boy and a girl and we could tell with the boy right away that he was. With our girl they couldn't tell us for sure on the 20 week ultrasound that it was. I watched the video they took of it over and over and I was sure it was a girl. A few weeks later they confirmed it. So even if they can't tell this time, there is a possibility of still finding out later. Good Luck and have fun!

Rachel said...

Well? Did you find out? Can't wait to hear your news.


Rhonda said...

What's the news, momma?