Friday, January 12, 2007

a change and an answer

first of all, suffice it to say i'm not president bush's biggest fan right now.

now that that's out of the way...

i have, once again, changed my educational mind. after looking into the degree programs columbia offers a little more thoroughly, i discovered that the teaching minor is only available at their home campus- in missouri (i thought it seemed a little too good to be true...). without that teaching certification, i'm not all about a degree in history... so... (drum roll please)... i am doing sociology. i have always been interested in it; i was just never sure what i could do with the degree. after looking through the program, i realized that i am much more drawn to it than to history. it's in a way a ministry degree through a secular worldview. it fascinates me. i brought the idea up to jon, who got more and more excited about it the longer we talked about it.

rhonda- since you asked, the bedroom is slate blue- two adjacent walls are a darker color, and the other two a slightly lighter color. i love it. the living room has an oak chair rail- white below, and a slightly-bluer-than-sage green above. the ceilings are vaulted in there. the study has a deep chocolate brown on three of the walls and a lighter brown on the other one. that room has a huge top to bottom window that lets in a lot of light, so the dark looks really nice. :-)

did you all see that lost is going to start coming on at 10 instead of 9? boo.

i will soon post pictures... have a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

the colors sound cozy and contemporary! And a FIVE hour class?!! Ugh!! I thought my 3 hour grad class this semester was quite long! Better bring some coffee and chocolate. And I'm sure the other students are all secretly wishing they had a laptop so they could be like you (and not have writer's cramp) Better to change now in your program than later - no extra classes that way. Sara the Sociologist. Nice ring to it. - rv