Monday, April 10, 2006

'til death do us part

one year.

one year ago today, i became a new person. sara nave vanished into the past, and sara fisher began life anew.

i'm not really even sure what to say... the emotions that come along with this event are entirely surreal.

of the past 365 days, i have spent 28 with jonathan. it has not been an easy year. he comes home very soon, and for that i am thankful. many people say that our "real" marriage is about to start... and in some ways, i agree. we have not lived together, we have not shared in daily life experience together. but we HAVE walked through one of the most trying experiences any couple could go through... and we are coming through much stronger than we started. how can you get more "real" than that? one year ago, we had no idea what the next months would hold. we could not even imagine what deployment would look like, nor the frustrations and challenges it would bring. we knew it would be hard, but there are things you don't know until you walk it. all things considered, i think we have done well. i look forward with excitement (albeit mixed with some fear) to his homecoming and the new challenges and joys that will accompany it.

i celebrated our first wedding anniversary by getting a massage and having dessert with some dear friends. sadly, it is likely our second will be the same way. but in the middle will be some time that we will cherish more than others would, for we know that time is fleeting. my heart beats for those times.

for better or worse, jonathan, til death do us part...


~Chaille~ said...

That's so crazy to think that you've been married for a year time has really flown by. And to think you've only been able to spend 28 days with him. WOW what a small amount. Here is to you, your husband and what God has in store for you in the future.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sara, Happy anniversary!
I know an anniversary, especially a first, is not altogether happy when your husband is not there to share. BUT I want you to know if it was not for your husband the last year would have been much harder on my 6 kids and I. I checked his blog daily you see because my husband is there with him. Thank you for the sacrifice. Cheryl Avery Gibson