Monday, March 27, 2006

i won.

i won.

our office has a group on's tourney challenge. josh and ken each had 2 brackets filled out, plus amy (josh's wife) also did. keep in mind, the only basketball i have watched this season was the last 9 seconds of the duke/lsu game- and that's just because i happened to flip there. that 9 seconds is more basketball than i have actually watched... like, ever. wait, no, i think i watched the final game last year at josh & amy's house. i think. who knows... i went for the social interaction.

anyway... they asked me to fill out a bracket, i think just to have one more name beneath theirs on the list. but guess what? i, who know oh-so-little about basketball; i, who filled out my bracket based solely on either seed or which team i had actually heard of; i, who thought i was filling out a bracket for the nba...

i won.

this is much to the dismay of my male counter-parts (and to add salt to their wounds, guess who came in 2nd? amy. how's that for battle of the sexes?) nationally, i am in espn's 96th percentile as of now. right now, i have 730 points. josh's and ken's brackets range from 330 to 540, with amy at 570. and i have 280 points that i could still possibly earn. they all have none.

silly game.

oh, and can i say it one more time? i won.


Amanda said...

Hi, you don't know me, I went to Jon's church in Fayetteville, GA for a while and now go to LSU, but I have been reading your blog, along with Jon's, for a while now and I really enjoy reading both of them. I finally decided to post because I think it is great that you did so well with your brackets, and because I am a little biased towards LSU winning everything; I know people who follow basketball religiously and they couldn't see what was right in front of them, thus all of their brackets are wrong. So congrats on winning and maybe now I won't be so scared to comment on the other things y'all write that inspire me!

Ae said...

Congratulations! Way to "be the woman!"

Sara said...

Thanks for commenting, Amanda- feel free to any time!

jonathan said...

huh?... there's a basketball tournament going on right now????

earl of lennox said...

shut it